If you love San Francisco, vote for Lucas!

Lucas Cultural Arts Museum

Lucas Cultural Arts Museum

Later today on the website of the Presidio Trust will be listed the finalists for the chance to build a “cultural institution of distinction” in the heart of San Francisco’s iconic park.

In an article in the New York Times, Deborah Salomon describes the 3 projects, which are believed to make it to the last round:

1. Lucas Cultural Arts Museum: a $700M project by Geroges Lucas the creator of Star Wars, which brings together 21st century digital art and its 20th century antecedents.

2. The Bridge/Sustainability Institute: a 21st century interactive version of a science fair with introduction to organic farming, etc

3. Presidio Exchange (PX) by the Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy: a collective of 30 different groups utilizing the space

It seems the proposal from Lucas was “stalled” in the past by the staff of the Presidio Trust and I wonder how because clearly it’s by far the best proposal and it needs to win. This is why:

– A city like San Francisco should keep celebrating its great people. Who does not admire Lucas for what he brought to the cinema industry?

– You don’t turn down a proposal worth $700M shortly after another US city – Detroit – is threatened to close one of its great cultural institutions (Detroit Institute of Arts).

– A museum of this nature with a great story line celebrating amazing US artists (incl. Norman Rockwell) will be beautiful material for schools and provide a unique ‘sense of place’ for tourists.

Now I won’t even go through the loopholes of the other two proposals but organic farming, really? And who still believes in collective creative compounds? It’s always failed and it will always do.

So for all of you living and loving San Francisco, do yourself a favor and VOTE for Lucas!


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