Celebrating Life puts your destination on the map with concepts development and content management

Celebrating Life is a total destination building company specialized in Asian markets. They provide end-to-end solutions and advisory services for clients in travel, hospitality, retail, leisure and entertainment. Celebrating Life does research, feasibility studies, concepts development, cultural & entertainment content management and digital marketing. In short, they put your destination on the map.

Whether you are looking for a leisure & entertainment concept to position your development, generate more traffic for your retail or simply find a smart way to generate revenues from vacant space, they will develop the right concept for you, based on your target audience.

Celebrating Life consultants always start with a workshop to come up with a positioning, vision and story line for your destination, which will flow through their different concept proposals (incl. technical requirements, key success factors, etc).

They also work with strategic partners to make the best cultural & entertainment content available for your destination. Here are a few examples of concepts available for China.


Dinos Rock by NeWorks: an exciting show attraction experience to discover the world of cute dinosaurs and educate children from 3 – 12 years about conservation and instill moral values of love of life and friendship.

Rare Bears by NeWorks – A live show experience about 3 bears who are best friends. They talk about themselves, their families, their lifestyles and their homes. It focuses on protection of endangered animals and suitable for children from 3 – 7 years.


City Memories Museum

City Memories Museum

City Memories Museum©: a different kind of culture museum, a unique and engaging experience, a lifestyle offering celebrating all things from the city and a contemporary interpretation of the city’s heritage and culture.

Digital Arts Exhibits

Digital Arts Exhibits

Digital Arts Exhibits by Culturespaces: unique multimedia shows on world-famous artists designed to provide a sensory approach of art for all.


Walibi Indoor

Walibi Indoor: an exceptional visitor’s experience granted by a music-based storyline, innovative and attractive walking characters, and distinctive atmosphere through original music. The only theme park where YOU are the hero.


8th Estate Winery

8th Estate Winery

8th Estate© Winery: we have created something no one else has in Asia: a fully functional urban winery. A vibrant, interactive space where local residents and tourists can indulge their passion for wine, food, music, art and life.

All Star Lanes

All Star Lanes

All Star Lanes: boutique bowling offering quality food, dramatic ambience, hot bar, private lounge, great music and art. Bringing people together in a high energy, fashionable environment whilst procuring simple, back-to-basics pleasures.


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