REVIEW: Jogja Bay Pirates Adventure Waterpark

On a recent trip to Yogyakarta I managed to squeeze a visit to the new Jogja Bay Pirates Adventure Waterpark, a few days before its official opening. We were shown around by Indonesian turn-key waterpark supplier and installer ICFU.

This is one of the best waterparks I have seen in South East Asia. Despite the small 3ha site the team behind the park has come up with a very nice layout and a true sense of escapism where one would want to bring my family for the day. It’s very encouraging to see projects like this in this part of the world.

I was informed the total budget for pools, rides and landscaping was approx. USD 6 million, which means a total project cost of approx. USD 9-10 million when you add the entrance building, pirates ship, show and F&B outlets. Not bad for Yogyakarta!

The instant capacity is 7,000pax with an objective of 700,000 visitors p.a. which would bring it to one of the top 5 waterparks in Indonesia; an ambitious but achievable goal for one of the leading domestic tourism destinations.

The access is somewhat ‘confidential’ as the road leading to the park looks like a small countryside road; and yet it is next to the huge city stadium. The miracles of Indonesia!

On the list of things I noticed should make this park successful are:

  • The impressive entrance flanked by a lighthouse on one side and a nicely themed pirates ship on the other side;
  • The F&B outlets, which feature a light pirates theming together with a contemporary Indonesian design;
  • The branding, which looks good everywhere from billboards at the airport to signage throughout the park; and
  • The show featuring custom-made animation, live actors and mascots, which are declined into good looking retail merchandise

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