REVIEW: Dinosaur Planet, Bangkok, Thailand

This new attraction is Bangkok’s talk-of-the-town! It’s actually running only temporarily until March 2017 on a site owned by The Mall Group (Siam Paragon, Emporium, etc) to promote the new EM Quartier development and position is as a family destination.

The location – right on Sukhumvit Road and highly visible from the BTS – is fantastic and contributes to making it a must-go for all Bangkokians. As a result I hear the place is packed on weekends. It was busy when I went on a week night around 6pm.

Overall it does feel like a small theme park with a certain sense of escapism when the city (and one of its busiest road) is just outside! There are a few rides and attractions making it a good 2-hour visit. Among them Stars of Dino, an outdoor walk among animatronics with lots of photo ops, 4D Deep World, a basic 4D immersive tunnel with good preshow but very average media, and The Extinction Live Show, featuring a variety of live acts including dinosaur-costumed performers and acrobats.

This is another example that dinosaurs work! They are big crowd pullers; kids and adults equally fall for them. Also, they offer great opportunities for theming – in this case: jeeps, volcano, rockwork, containers, etc – and educational content.

At a reported cost of 500million baht i.e. US$14million (which I would think is a bit inflated for marketing purposes), this attraction doesn’t come cheap for visitors: adults 600 baht (US$17) and children 400 baht (US$11.2). But surprisingly it’s not just for ‘hi so’ people from Bangkok’s Thonglor or Ekamai areas but for all sorts of people judging from the crowd on the day I went. This probably shows the strong need for family entertainment (and not just for kids) in this city of more than 10million population.


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