The day China became a happier place

So I was one of the happy fews who made it for the opening day of Shanghai Disney Resort, one of the most important days in the history of entertainment in China.

That day I cried… of joy! I couldn’t believe my eyes, my ears and my heart. I was not in China but transported together with thousands of happy Chinese guests to a land of happiness.

One of the Walt Disney Imagineers I was talking to just before the opening told me it was the most immersive park they ever built but nothing prepared me for such degree of perfection.

In his opening speech Bob Iger also mentioned how important the music was for this new park and I must say the soundscape is truly remarkable; from the peaceful sound of nature complementing the beautiful landscape to the superb electro sound of Tomorrowland.

In Shanghai, Disney has taken the multi-sensory experience to new levels and this is what makes it so unique and will gain the heart of millions of Chinese who will want to experience the magic of Disney not as a symbol of the US but of as the purveyor of happiness.

Shanghai Disney Resort is true to its name. It is a resort, a place for families to spend time together, enjoy nature activities (Camp Discovery), let kids play (Treasure Cove’s pirates ships), tweens dance (Pepsi E-Stage), etc. The theming offering so much rockwork and water bodies provides an amazing sense of serenity.

There would be so much more to say about this beautiful park but today on the next day of my visit I just want to say thank you Disney for taking your time to build this gem. Now China is happier place.


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