Thibault PaquinThibault Paquin is the founder of Celebrating Life, a total destination building company specialized in Asian markets.

Thibault is a themed attractions expert, a frequent speaker and columnist for blooloop.com. As CEO of Celebrating Life, he has worked on numerous projects in Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia and Mauritius.

Educated in France and the United States, Thibault has over a decade of development experience in hospitality and leisure, beginning his career with Accor in Paris then Asia Pacific in their Sydney, Bangkok and Ho Chi Minh City offices before setting up Celebrating Life in Hong Kong in 2010. Thibault currently lives in Malaysia.

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  1. Hi Thibault, I’m a freelance sports writer in Shanghai for the Associated Press and I’m working on a story about the ski industry in China. I read an interesting post on your site about a presentation put together by Fabio Ries on the subject and I was wondering if you had any way of getting in touch with him. I’d love to interview him for my piece. Thanks much! My email is jbergman75@gmail.com

    Best, Justin Bergman

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