This could be a revolution in contextual marketing

Last week I had the visit of a friend from the UK who recently relocated to Australia to start a new digital agency called Digital Fuel.

He was telling me about a proprietary product – Social Connect – they launched last week, which simply blew me away. I thought I would share with you something that could revolutionize the way our (travel) industry looks at targeted marketing messages in a truly contextual fashion.

This is out it works. Simply export a database into the application and enter a few key words. It will then interrogate social networks to 1) qualify your database and 2) filter the people in your database speaking about your set of key words on social networks at this very moment. You can then choose to send them an email or a rich media text message, which will be absolutely relevant to the key words you entered.

Social Connect has been in Beta for a few months and one of the tests they did was for HMV for the release of a new album. They entered the artist’s name as key word and sent out promotional messages to buy online with HMV. The success rate was an incredible 25%!

Now let’s see how our industry can benefit from Social Connect. Take the new River Safari in Singapore for example, which houses two very cute pandas Kai Kai and Jia Jia. Owned by Wildlife Reserves Singapore, the park can tap into a very large database of Singaporeans. How about interrogating the database and see who is talking about pandas on social networks? Then send them a nice email with the latest video of the pandas having fun and inviting them to buy their tickets online now with a special discount!

River Safari

What I find particularly interesting with Social Connect is that it makes databases very relevant again; only with a whole new dimension. The recent focus on social media took us away from the importance of nurturing our databases. But really we should because, unlike fans/followers on social networks, contacts/members of a database belong to us and we have been authorized to send them promotions.

So, everyone back to our databases and let’s do some cool contextual marketing!