The 3 Steps to a Successful Digital Marketing Approach

Lately I have been doing some work with Amas, Celebrating Life’s new chief digital officer, and we’ve been looking at digital marketing strategies in our (travel) industry. Here I share with you some of our simple tips when looking at your digital marketing approach.


If you are reading this and wondering about your digital marketing model it is probably because 1) you have some problems you would like to solve, or 2) you are thinking you can do better, or 3) all of the above.

The first step is to assess your current situation by reviewing your external environment (what is happening in your destination, best practices, etc), your market position (what your competitors are doing, where do you stand in various digital platforms, etc), your current digital marketing activities and more importantly your internal resources.

This will allow you to identify where it hurts and therefore easily set some measurable and achievable goals. And remember, your business is unique and you should identify your very own objectives. Maybe you want to be a market leader, or you just want some percentage growth, etc.

If you work with consultants and agencies it is important that they listen to you and participate in this assessment process with you. If you have only limited resources (manpower and budget), are you capable of thinking outside the box and leveraging your existing strengths?


There are amazing resources out there. Digital marketing is (naturally) a very popular topic online. People share best practices, valuable knowledge and ideas. Get someone in your team or your consultants to pull these resources together and apply them to your case.

What we need nowadays is not an “expert” in each field, but a “dynamic thinker” to help you grow.  This will allow you to leverage your strengths and reduce the amount of money and efforts needed to achieve your goals. There is not point investing in an expensive media plan if you are not engaging with your audience, activating your brand and generating loyalty. You will find most agencies just emphasis on optimization by their so-called best practice, knowledge or golden rule in all their standard exercises such as SEM, media buy, banner, social, EDM & SEO, but won’t adapt to your situation, which you will have identified in Step 1. The reason is agencies tend to sell what they get used and comfortable with, but not always what you need.


Once you have done a good assessment of your situation and digested resources available, you will be ready to formulate a roadmap and decide the amount of money and human resources you are prepared to allocate to achieve your goals. You may then ask your consultants to propose different approaches within the framework you have identified.

It is important that your consultants understand your priorities and adhere to your roadmap, which should include KPIs that are both measurable data (sales, etc) and content driven (campaigns, partnerships, etc). The industry is dynamic; it is perfectly OK to reassess the situation on a regular basis with your consultants. Because of the nature of digital marketing you are learning and growing together.

I hope this helped. If you wish to ask a question to Amas, feel free to send him an email at