PICTURES: Jakarta Aquarium Opens

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Putting your destination on the map

What I like the most about my job is to help clients put their destinations on the map. I find it really interesting to do research on the target visitors and the trends, and to look into benchmarks and references. Then coming together with a vision and a storyline for the destination is always a great bonding exercise.

We’ve just recently completed a 6-month job for a client in Malaysia including full re-development of the masterplan. We are proposing a really cool integrated family island resort. Here is a very short video to give you a feel for it:

And here is the copy featuring in the video:

Imagine a place…

A place within driving distance from Kuala Lumpur’s modern hub where you can decide to go whenever you need a break.

A place set around a unique lagoon and white sand beaches offering endless activity opportunities from dolphin interaction to swim-with-the-fish and waterfront dining.

A place for your children to play and be safe while you rest and enjoy the beach club lifestyle: the little ones playing with the fish at Aquaria Marine Lab or with water at the large kids play area, and the older ones hanging out with theirs friends at the Wave Park.

A place where you can become the owner of one of Malaysia’s only freehold waterfront villas or an affordable & chic holiday suite.

This place is Marina Island.

And now we will be working with our client to make it a reality, which is also a part of my job I love: dealing with partners, closing deals, securing funds, etc.