Swiss Dream Circus – Sparkles in your eyes, Smile on your face

For those who remember the post I wrote coming back from the IAAPA Attractions Expo in Orlando last November my two signature words have been ‘beauty’ and ‘humor’ ever since. I have even come up with a motto for what I believe should drive the future of our industry: “Sparkles in your eyes, Smile on your face”.

A big sucker for any form of family entertainment, I went last night with a bunch of friends to watch a performance of the Swiss Dream Circus, which is in town (in KL) for a few weeks. It struck me then: there is nothing new about ‘beauty’ and ‘humor’ being the drivers of family entertainment. Actually it has been at the very heart of one of the world’s oldest form of family entertainment – the circus – for years!

Francis Perreault – Canada

Francis Perreault – Canada

Swiss Dream Circus is very traditionally built around a succession of beautiful acrobatic numbers interrupted by funny sketches from Swiss Clown Andre. The many kids (and adults) in the audience were going from moments of silence (admiring the beauty of these amazing acrobats or listening to the angelic and beautiful husky voice of singer Anja) to moments of laughter (the clown was indeed very funny) and that mix is what made their experience so unique and memorable; you should have seen them after the show taking pictures with performers!

X-treme Brothers – Romania

X-treme Brothers – Romania

And when I see how circus is so popular in China, I am confident that we don’t have to look very far to build successful family entertainment in Asia (and in China in particular), we just need to go back to the basics of circus, one of the oldest and most noble forms of family entertainment.

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