REVIEW: Jurassic World theme park

Last night I went to Jurassic World theme park at Isla Nublar. I only spent two hours there but I loved it! Here is my quick review of this out-of-this-world theme park.

The experience begins with the park website, which is the best theme park website I have ever seen with webcams, real-time queuing times, etc. Just browsing I already felt like I had to go there.

After going through the amazing entrance gate and once in the park the layout is very nice with a busy main boulevard with great F&B, retail and the Innovation Centre building at the end. The park does more than 20,000 visitors a day so it has this nice buzz. The distance to each attraction can be quite far because of the nature of the exhibits but internal transportation is very good with monorail, shuttles, etc.


These guys are definitely strong with sponsorships. Samsung gets great visibility at the Innovation Centre, Mercedes Benz is obviously the vehicle partner and Verizon is looking at sponsoring the next big exhibition. Well, that is before something big happens but I am not supposed to tell you that!


One of the most amazing things at Jurassic World theme park is the use of technology. You’ve gotta love that control room and those touch screens everywhere. So cool.

Now on the rides side, here are some of the best ones but it’s hard for me to tell you about all of them after just 2 hours in the park.

  • Innovation Centre: great behind-the-scene edutainment experience
  • IMAX Theatre
  • Aviary: watch giant dinosaur birds flying
  • Cretaceous Cruise: kayaking in a gentle stream surrounded by giant herbivore dinosaurs
  • Gentle Giant Petting Zoo: cuddle or ride your favorite dinosaur
  • Dinosaur Safari: ride lush green fields following running dinosaurs
  • Underwater Show: it starts with the audience sitting outside watching this giant dinosaur fish eating a shark (not so interesting I’d say) and then the entire seating platform moves down and the audience can see the fish from underwater; truly amazing!
  • Gyrosphere: by far the most interesting ride ticking all the boxes; it’s funny (Jimmy Fallon’s intro is hilarious), interactive and it provides a true bonding experience for its riders!


I say these guys know about theme parks. I felt the same excitement there as I did when I visited Walt Disney World. It’s family heaven. Well, again until something big happens but you’ve gotta watch the movie for that!

3 thoughts on “REVIEW: Jurassic World theme park

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